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Hey, Its Been A While…How Are You?

I’m back after a wonderful break away over the summer holidays. It feels so nice to refresh, reset and feel ready for the next few months. I have started to lay my out my plans and targets for the next quarter. I can’t quite believe that we will be heading into the final part of 2023.

How is your planning going as we head towards quarter 4 of 2023?

Whether you are on track or need some help check out these top tips to help you prepare for the next few months

1. Take a moment to reflect on the last quarter and your year so far. 
What has worked well, why it worked, how you can improve?

2. Look at your target audience and ideal client
What does your target audience look like, why does your ideal client need and want your service/ product?

3. Use your call to action effectively
What are your calls to action, when are you using them, how effective have they been so far?

4. Use imagery that is relevant, on brand and up to date
When was the last time you had a professional photoshoot, what impact would having an on brand portfolio make to your business and marketing?

Client showcase

Client Image

Bluegrass Training
Back in June I has the pleasure of working with Lee Markham from Bluegrass Training. 
We spent a great day in Stamford for Lee’s Brand Photography Session.
Bluegrass Training is a blockchain and crypto education business, and also connect clients to proven income opportunities. 
Every day Lee empowers people to take action and learn there are alternatives to working a 9-5 and ways that their money can work for them. 

“I’m selling the tools and knowledge that people can use to make positive change in their life. By learning to acquire assets that they can put to work, to generate income so that they can have time freedom”

The key values for Bluegrass Training are trust, empowerment, integrity and fun. All of these are embodied by Lee and I had a wonderful time working alongside him to create his Brand Portfolio.

Client Image
People Walking In Summer

Beach days are the best and given we had the weather for it last week.

Sutton-on-Sea is a great beach with free parking and has a dog friendly section too. 

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Naturally Captured
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